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Industrial Process Plant Maintenance
Repairs Carried Out Worldwide
Industrial Process Plant Maintance And Repairs For The Process Industry 365 days a year.




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Your damaged Industrial Process Plant can be back in service faster and at lower cost when we carry out repairs for you on site.

Here's How You Will Benefit

  • we come to you.
  • no need to strip the equipment down.
  • no need to transport it to a workshop.
  • your equipment is refurbished to "as new" condition.
  • we give you our guarantee of customer satisfaction.
  • you save time and money.

If you have any damaged Industrial Process Plant such as:- Cement & Ceramic Kilns, Ball Mills, Paper Dryer Rolls, Printing Rolls, or Hydraulic Rams ..... then click these links or the ones below to see how we can help you.

Your Equipment

Type of Process Plant Maintenance & Repairs
Cement & Ceramic Kilns, Ball Mills, Gyratory Crushers, etc. Industrial Process Plant Repair BulletKiln Tyre Grinding
Support Roller Grinding
Thrust Face Grinding
Journal Machining & Polishing
Kiln Alignment and Fabrication
Generators, Pumps, Motors & Compressors Thrust Face Grinding
Keyway Machining

Slipring Machining & Honing
Journal Machining & Polishing
Shaft and Coupling Alignment
Hydraulic Cylinders and Rams Re-manufacture of Hydraulic Rams
Re-manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders
Internal Honing
Selective Electroplating of Damaged Chrome
Paper Dryer Rolls & Cast Iron Cylinders Grinding and Linishing of Cast Iron rolls
Local Thermal Spraying of Damaged Areas
Selective Electroplating of Damaged Areas
Bearing Journal Repairs and Conversions

 Other On Site Services for the Process Industry.
Non Destructive Testing Magnaflux Checks (MPI)
Electronic Hardness Checking
General Services Selective Electroplating   (Lloyds Approved)
Thermal Spraying
Taper Boring
Stud Removal
Optical And Laser Alignment

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