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The term "On Site", "In Place" or "In-Situ" (the terms are interchangeable) as mentioned throughout our website describes the situation where an operation or repair takes place on a piece of equipment without it having to be stripped out and removed to a repair facility.

For example if you have a large shaft in an engine or press this means that there is no need for it to be stripped down and no need for it to be rotated. We pioneered the Orbitool Process back in the 1950s specifically to enable shaft repairs to take place without shaft rotation.

This leads to a great time and cost saving in most cases. There is no need to arrange for safe transport to a workshop (which is often a great distance away). The repair workshop is taken to the client rather than the other way around.

We have developed specialised portable machine tools which can be set up on the item requiring repair using the latest techniques to ensure correct alignment and accuracy. The machining takes place often in a very short timescale and sometimes while adjacent machinery is still running.

Nicol and Andrew Plc designed, built and patented the revolutionary Orbitool process in the 1950s.This equipment has been used for nearly all shaft and journal repairs since and it gets its name because it rotates around the stationary shaft.

Since that time we have re-designed and refined the process to produce the most accurate and efficient On-Site Orbital equipment in the world. The new Orbitool range will remove metal at ten times the rate of the previous equipment.

One of our new developments is in the marine field. We have designed and manufactured a new piece of equipment to speed up the repair of damaged diesel engine main journals in-situ.

Using the new method we can machine off the damaged material prior to using the conventional grinding method. Machining takes one tenth of the time of grinding so when a major failure occurs and a lot of material needs to come off we can reduce your down time considerably. The less time we are on site the less expensive it is too.

There are many other types of on site equipment used in our repairs, some of the capabilities of these are listed below to give you an idea of what sort of maintenance can be performed on site.

Turning, Milling, Grinding, Line Boring, Honing (internal & external), Lapping, Drillling, Reaming, Screwcutting, Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting, Welding, Metal spraying, Metal Stitching and Selective Plating.

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