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Marine parts and in-situ repairs to recover your worn and damaged engines and equipment 365 days a year.





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Your damaged Marine Parts can be back in service faster and at lower cost when we carry out repairs for you on site.

Here's How You Will Benefit

  • we come to you.
  • no need to strip the equipment down.
  • no need to transport it to a workshop.
  • your equipment is refurbished to as new condition.
  • we give you our guarantee of customer satisfaction.
  • you save time and money.

If you have any damaged Marine parts such as:- Diesel Engine Crankshafts, Diesel Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Steering Gear, Propulsion Units, Generating Units or Deck Gear ............ then click these links or the ones below to see how we can help you. 


Your Equipment

Type of On Site Machining and Repairs
Diesel Engine Crankshaft Marine PartsCrankpin Machining
Main Journal Milling & Grinding

Thrust Face Grinding
Crankshaft Grinding 

Crankshaft Straightening
Selective Plating of Damaged Bearings
(Lloyds Approved)
Counterballance Weight Face Milling
Damper Repairs
Coupling Bolt Hole Boring and Reaming
Connecting Rod Reconditioning
Non Destructive Testing
Diesel Engine Block or Entablature In Line Boring of Main Journal Pockets
Liner Landing Machining
Cylinder De Glazing

Bearing Cap Repairs including Selective Plating
Butt Face Grinding
Bedplate Milling & Grinding
Metal Stitching
Cylinder Heads Cast Iron Fusion Weld Repairs
Valve Replacement
Marine Steering Gear Keyway Machining
Pintle Housing Boring
Rudder Stock Machining
Bow Thruster Repairs
Taper Boring
Tailshaft or Propeller Thrust Face Grinding
Tailshaft/Propeller Shaft Journal Machining
Propeller Repairs
"P" Bracket Boring
Shaft Bearing Housing Alignment
Generators, Pumps, Motors & Compressors Thrust Face Grinding
Keyway Machining

Journal Machining
Shaft and Coupling Alignment
Deck Equipment Crane/Winch Drum Machining
Deck Hatch Pivot Boring
Machining & Polishing of Journals

 Other On Site Services for the Marine Industry.
Non Destructive Testing Magnaflux Checks (MPI)
Electronic Hardness Checking
General Services Keyway Machining
Selective Electroplating
Thermal Spraying
Stud Removal
Optical And Laser Alignment

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