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About Nicol & Andrew Services Available Worldwide.
On site Machining Services for the Marine, Power Generation, Petrochem, Process and General Industries 365 days per year.

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On Site Machining Services
General on site machining services showing the type of machining carried out on many industrial sites worldwide.
InSitu Flange Facing Services
A comprehensive service to enable resurfacing of flanges and seal faces on pipes and heat exchangers etc. Typical application would be the machining of flare stack risers and vessel flanges in the Petrochemical industry.
On Site Machining of Crankpins and Main Journals
On site machining of crankshaft components, applicable to all industry types.
On Site Pipe Cutting & Prepping
On site machining of pipes and tubes. Removing welded valves, machining pipe work to fit on new build sites, excavating areas where weld damage is identified.
In-Situ Electroplating Services
A comprehensive list of all the in-situ electroplating services on offer, they are especially suited to the marine industry.
On Site Construction Industry Repairs
On site machining of mounting plates, machining of flanges, line boring of digger bucket pivot points, drilling and reaming plus stud removal.
On Site Milling
On site machining of mounting plates, machining weapon seatings, entablature faces, turbine casings. Milling of tubesheet division grooves. Milling keyways in shafts. Orbital milling.
Diesel Engine Bedplate Electroplating
A set of photos showing the processs of repairing damaged main bearing pockets and fretted mating faces on a diesel engine bedplate.
On Site Metal Stitching of a Diesel Engine Block
On site metal stitching of a diesel engine main bearing pocket. Showing an approved repair of a complete main bearing pocket section.
Internal Honing Services
A specialised honing service used for deglazing cylinder liners and bores of steam turbine rotors prior to boresonic examination.
On Site Machining of Bearing Journals
Examples of some on site machining of bearing journals in the power generation industry.
On Site Grinding of Kiln Tyres
One or two examples of some on site grinding of cement kiln tyres and their associated rollers.
In-Situ Line Boring Services
In-situ line boring example in the marine industry, although this marine repair is applicable to all industry types.
On Site Machining of Turbine Journals
A core speciality of ours, the on site machining of turbine journals without shaft rotation.
Line Boring of Turbine Casings
In-situ line boring of turbine blade roots and tipping of turbine blades in steam turbine casings.
In-Situ Machining Repair to a Tailshaft
A case study of a repair carried out to a 505mm diameter tailshaft. Shows in-situ machining of a badly damaged tailshaft pedestal bearing.
On Site Grinding of a Stacker Crane in a Warehouse Environment
A specially developed set of equipment grinds the transport rails of a 20 metre high stacker crane.
On Site Machining of Sliprings and Commutators
On site machining examples showing the machining of sliprings in a power station.
Metal Spraying
Metal spraying including high temperature plasma and HVOF spraying of metal. Our Glasgow workshop is world renown for its protective coatings of items used in the oil industry and other hazardous environments.
Coatings include - Tungsten/carbide/chrome - the most popular coating which produces a finish which is less porous and more durable than chromium plating.
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