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Nicol & Andrew Plc. We are the worlds most experienced company for carrying out on site machining, in situ machining and portable machining including crankshaft grinding worldwide.

In-Situ Machining Worldwide
OnSite Machining Worldwide

In-Situ Machining & OnSite Machining in the Marine, Power, Petrochemical, Process and General Industries.

OnSite Machining Services UK & World-Wide

Fully ISO 9001 - 2000 Certified Machining Service

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Marine RepairsToolbox.

Marine Repairs
  How we can keep the mechanical parts moving onboard....
Our onsite machining secrets revealed.
Nicol & Andrew have recently acquired MSPE Ltd Glasgow. Metal Spraying Services . For all your metal spraying services in the UK

We have updated our Adobe Acrobat Service & Case Study Flyers. There are now even more to help you choose which onsite machining service is most suitable to your needs.

Please feel free to download them.


Power Generation Repairs

Power Generation Repairs
Power Generation
 Energy kept generating in your Power plant... N&A make it happen with our onsite machining services.

Process RepairsToolbox

Process RepairsToolbox
 The wheels of industry are kept turning...
find out how we do it in-situ.

Looking for Fraser Hydraulics?

Our engineers are constantly on the move world-wide carrying out onsite machining of crankshafts, diesel engines, tailshafts, turbine shafts, turbine casings, gas compressors and a host of other items of industrial and marine plant including ancilliary equipment.

Give us a call we may have a repair team close by.

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Orbital In-situ Machining

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